The Quickest Way to Build a Local Network

  • Go stand out in front of pet stores to stalk people walking in and out
  • Blindly set up a Google Adwords or Facebook Ad
  • Call all of your friends and family
  • Or join or create a group on Meetup with a group of pet owners?

Here are some rules I suggest you follow for Meetup success.

If You’re Creating a Group:

  • Make sure you truly care about the topic
  • Respect people’s time — be on time, set clear expectations, etc.
  • Build a relationship — give, give, give before you ask people to do something for you
  • Be honest — be upfront why you created this group and what they can expect
  • Bring value to the group
  • Build a relationship — don’t just join expecting to sell people crap
  • Respect people’s time — don’t reserve a spot for a Meetup meeting unless you truly want to show up
  • Offer to help the administrator — quick way to get noticed in the group



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Eric Pannell

Eric Pannell


Eric is an author, blogger, freelancer and non-tech founder. He has mastered the art of success and what that means for YOU.